Monday 29 May 2017

Brat in Denim

"Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald's, wearing heels to play football. It is personally, confidence and seduction."
- John Galliano

Now, I'm not saying all the Rugrat character were brats, but when I reminisce about the program that's what comes to mind, brats, especially the pig-tail wearing Angelica. I picked this top up from Forever 21 a while ago and had been meaning to feature it on the blog, and finally I got round to it. It reminds me of the time when I was younger and I'd sit with my siblings watching cartoons, for what seemed like hours. One of my favourite was Rugrats, I loved the little adventures Tommy and Chucky would go on, and the mischievous plans Angelica would make. Yep, it was a firm favourite. I decided to keep the outfit cool and casual teaming it up with double denim; a ripped denim skirt from Missguided and a ripped denim long-line jacket from Misspap (similar here). I finished of the look with cool shades from Shein, clean white Adidas trainers and a simple white clutch. Nothing fussy, just simple and laid back... like I was, when I was a child. 

Photography - R. Rai


Thursday 25 May 2017


"You are what you wear."
- Treasure Stitches

So remember earlier on in the month I mentioned that I has just started my three month shopping ban, well I'm now on day 25. Yes, it has been 25 long days of no shopping... no new shoes, no quick trips to Zara during my lunch breaks and no visits from the delivery man, dropping of my recent ASOS order. It's been difficult, but worth it, because I've learnt a lot. I figured for the remaining 2+ months I'll tell you all about it. But before that, let's focus on my latest outfit; 'Bubblegum'.

Just before my ban started I made a couple of purchases and one of the purchases included this amazing vibrant pink short jacket from Mango. So chic and feminine, I bought it with the intention to wear it as a light jacket for work during the warmer months. But being so versatile, I realised I can wear it casually and formally. For this look I went for chic and flirty. I teamed up the jacket with things I already own, you know, the ban means I've got to utilise everything. I wore a silver skirt from Zara (similar here), a silver camisole from (alternative here), a matching clutch bag from ASOS (similar here) and heels, also from ASOS. I finished off the look with a smile; a ladies best outfit accessory.

It's funny... or rather shocking, how much money one can save when they cut down on shopping or perhaps just cut out unnecessary spending. As I posed for these photos, wearing a mixture of old and relatively new, I realised if there's anything I've learnt in the first 25 days of my ban, it's that 'less is more'... and in more ways than one. Think about it, the less shopping you do the more money you save. lol.

Okay, but in all seriousness, I've learnt that it is better to buy less and chose well. Before buying an item (or two, three...) ask yourself a couple of questions; How often will I wear this? Is it good quality? Will I still be in love with it 3-6 months from now?

If you really like something but you doubt you'll wear it often, does it make sense spending a fortune on it? Often people buy things on an impulse; they never had an intention of buying it, they just happened to spot it whilst they were out, fell in love and headed straight to the till - parting with their hard earned cash. Well that's something I used to do, and I know many of you still do. I guess impulse shopping has its pros and cons, unfortunately in most cases the cons outweigh the pros. 

We've all been there, spotted something we liked and then told ourselves we'd sleep on it, only to go back and it's sold out. Damn! The urge to kick yourself is strong, and the envy you feel when you spot someone else rocking what you could have owned is... unbearable. 

I'm pretty sure the regret of missing out on something does not occur as frequently as when you buy something convincing yourself that you'll wear it a lot and 4 months later...hmmm... its still hanging in your wardrobe with the label on it; unworn and close to being thrown in your 'to sell on Depop/eBay' or 'to donate to charit' pile. The regret that you wasted £69.99 on it and will be selling it for £10... is... gosh, I don't want to remember. 

So before buying something, even if you don't sleep on it, think to yourself, is it something I'll wear often? and then be sure to apply the 'pay-per-wear' rule. If you're not going to wear it often, you shouldn't be spending a lot of money on it. However, if you're going to be wearing it on a regular basis it is worth forking out a decent amount of money on it, to ensure you're getting good quality that will stand up to the elements and still look almost as good as new, for months or even years to come. I guess if its cheap and you're not going to wear it often, you can be excused... but don't make a habit of it. All those cheap purchases add up; £15 here and £40 there, before you know it you've spent well into the hundreds, money wasted. 

I'm not going to get all mathematical with you about the pay-per-wear rule, I'm sure you get the drift. What I'm saying is... be mindful of your spending and try not to be so impulsive when shopping.  Shop smart. If you chose to continue to buy cheaper items that you'll only wear once or twice, don't leave it in your wardrobe, sell it... make some money, rather than letting it gather dust. You'll be surprised how many people would love to snap up the things you no longer care for and need, especially if they are still in season, in almost new condition and still part of the retailer's current collection.

Right... before this becomes an essay I'll leave it there. My next post will pick up where I left off, so be sure to follow. I'll be talking about how my shopping addiction developed from occasional shopping to an addiction and what plans I have in place to cope for the remaining time.

Photography - E. Daniel

Monday 22 May 2017

STYLING: True Navy

There is nothing I love more than taking people out of their comfort zone; dressing them in something that they wouldn't ordinarily wear and changing their perspective and opinions on certain trends and styles. It doesn't matter your shape or size, a trend can always work for you; you've just got to put your stamp on it and rock it with confidence.

That is exactly what I was trying to achieve with Rima, when I styled her in this amazing Lavish Alice navy asymmetric skirt and Pretty Little Thing off shoulder body suit. I wanted to flaunt her curves, show off her amazing figure without being to revealing. Show her that she can look and feel sexy, whilst remaining modest and elegant.

I decided to go with a navy blue tone, which worked well against her complexion. I opted for gold accessories to bring the look together, she donned her comfy but classy gold heeled sandals and added a diva-ish finishing touch, with cat-eyed sunglasses. Perfection.

Photography & Styling: Rita


Friday 19 May 2017

Stripes and Frills

"Style is a way of saying complicated things."
- John Cocteau

It is just shy of three weeks since I started my shopping ban... and whilst at first I was fine, it's only just hit home that I've got over another two months to go (sad and hard times ahead). Yes, I've been keeping myself busy with work, styling people and going out more... but nothing beats getting a delivery on the weekend full of  things I've had my eyes on for a while, or even popping to the store to check out what's new in stock. But I'm fine, I'm getting by and making the most of the old and new-ish clothes I already own; like I did with my latest outfit 'Stripes and Frills'.

One minute it is raining, the next it is sunny... no surprise, that's London for you; unpredictable. When the weather is good, I make sure I make the most of the sunshine and warm days and that's exactly what I done here. I got my pins out in a Zara white mini skirt (similar here), put on this cool frilly shirt from Shein (see here) and teamed it up with blue barely there heels from Dorothy Perkins (sold out) and a gold grab clutch bag. I finished off the look with funky gold sunglasses. 

Maybe I can keep this up for another 2 months... just maybe.

Top - Shein     Skirt - Zara     Bag - Missguided     Shoes - Dorothy Perkins     Sunglasses - ASOS

Photography - E. Daniel


Tuesday 16 May 2017

Apple Green

"Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally."
- Christian Louboutin

If there's one outfit I'm glad I purchased before my three month shopping ban started, it has got to be this sexy co-ord from Zara's latest collection. From the silky fabric to the rich shade of green, this co-ord definitely won't last long in stores. I decided to keep things simple, teaming up the co-ord with a gold choker from H&M, gold platform heels from ASOS and my trusted leopard print clutch from Philip Armstrong for Matalan. 

Necklace - H&M     Top - Zara     Trousers - Zara     Shoes - ASOS
Sunglasses - Versace     Bag - Philip Armstrong for Catalan

Photography - E. Daniel


Saturday 13 May 2017

STYLING: Spanish Red

Believe it or not, I'm not always in front of the camera posing in my latest purchase. Occasionally you can catch me on the other side of the lens, taking photos of people I've recently styled. Yes, that's right... I have other talents (if I can call it that) that not many people are aware of.

Last week I styled Stella, 27, from London. She didn't have anything particular in mind, but she was willing to try something different to what she'd usually go for, something out of her comfort zone. Usually dressed in black and occasionally navy, I decided to dress her in something bold, but something that would look great against her complexion and complement her stature. So I decided on pop red and went for a Spanish-like theme.

I teamed red layered floaty trousers from Zara, with an off the shoulder bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing. Monochrome and Red ankle strap heeled sandals from New Look made the perfect matching for both her clothes and make-up. I finished off the look with an amazing gold bag from ASOS,  a gold choker from Pretty Little Thing and a matching belt also from Pretty Little Thing. White manicure and pedicure, with the addition of bold red lipstick, added the perfect finishing touches. The right amount of style and sass look for her aunts party.

Photography & Styling: Rita

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Check My Frills

"Fashion has got reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you're going."
- Pharrell Williams

You know you have a lot of clothes (and arguably, to some, too many) when you don't get to feature it on your blog until months after you purchased them, because you have plenty of older clothes that you still haven't featured. That was the case with this red skirt that I picked up from Zara; I'm sure, a good few months ago. Anyway, London was fortunate enough to be graced with decent weather recently, so as I always do, I decided to seize the opportunity and get my legs out in this rather sexy yet cool faux leather mini.

I decided to team the mini with a checked navy and red off shoulder top from Shein, my favourite white heels (which you may have noticed from previous posts, I also own I black - yes, the addiction is real), and a simple white clutch bag - that I've had for years. 

Now, I did say before, and sorry to bore you, because I keep saying this... but I'm on a 3 month shopping ban (sad and difficult time), which will come to an end on 31 July. So until then, I guess you're going to have to get use to seeing a few out of stock pieces being featured. But fear not, I'm not that cruel, where I can, I'll be sure to add links to things similar to what is no longer available - allowing you, should you wish, to recreate my look.

So in regards to the sexy skirt, you can get a similar one at Topshop (here). You can also get similar shoes at Cici Hot (here). And luckily enough for you the top is still in stock, well at least for now (so be quick). You can thank me later. xx

Top - Shein     Skirt - Zara     Shoes - ASOS     Bag - Zara

Photography - E. Daniel


Sunday 7 May 2017

Festival Glam

"Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well."
- Vivienne Westwood

So, today marks a week since my shopping ban started and surprisingly it's going okay... well so far. I guess being busy at the office and getting involved in other projects has distracted me from my usual daily activity; shopping. It'll be interesting, I guess, to see how I'm getting on a month down the line. 

I guess the ban has truly enabled me to make the most out of the clothes I already own (like I said in my last post). I've fallen in love again with things I actually forgot that I owned. It hasn't just affected outfits that I've put together for the blog, it's also affected things I wear on a daily basis; to the office (where most of my time is spent) and out with friends and family.

One thing I've fallen in love with again is this dark gold pleated skirt that I bought from Bohoo at ASOS. It was a firm favourite if mine during the festive period, so much so that I was spotted in it several times and even done a outfit post featuring it. I decided to feature it again, this time for my latest outfit post; 'Festival Glam'.

Hey not all festivals mean wellies, mud and waterproof clothing or hot pants and a loose crop tops... well not for me. I'm all about those glam looks, glamping (Google it!) over camping, and if possible a hotel rather than a tent. That's the mindset I had when I put this outfit together. I teamed up this tie front crop top (sold out but you can get a similar one here) with my gold skirt (also sold out, but you can too get a similar one here and here). I finished off the look with a gold layered statement necklace, a gold grab clutch bag and simple low heeled gold sandals. Simple but chic.

Top - Pretty Little Thing     Skirt - Boohoo     Necklace - Pretty Little Thing     Sandals - Zara     Bag - Missguided

Photography - E. Daniel

Thursday 4 May 2017

Dirty Denim

"Pure intense emotions. It's not about design. It's about feelings."
- Alber Elbaz

So today marks day 4 of my **3 month no shopping** challenge... and believe it or not, 3 days is a big achievement for me, so when I finally get to three months I'm going to be over the moon. Yes, I said 'when'; because I will get there and I will succeed. I'm looking forward to proving my doubters wrong and more importantly I'm looking forward to seeing the money pile up. Hopefully I'm strong enough to not spend every last penny I would have saved as soon as the ban comes to an end.

Anyway, let me tell you a little more about it... before I tell you about this outfit. So I've been a shopaholic for a few years now and within the last year or so, or perhaps 9 months, my love for shopping has gotten out of control. I regularly spending my lunch breaks in my local Zara store, or surfing the net looking at every on-line retailers' 'new in' section... yes that's me, I can't deny it. In fact everyone who knows me, regardless of whether that is as a close friend, colleague or merely an acquaintance is fully aware I have a shopping addiction. 

So I decided to give it up, just for a short while. Now there's absolutely no point me challenging myself to a year because I'd be setting myself up to fail, and six months is stretching it... I wouldn't be able to buy anything in time for my holiday in early Autumn,. But 3 months seemed like a reasonable amount of time, enough of a challenge for someone like me; a person who can hardly last a week or at stretch a fortnight without buying something new.

So as of the 1st May I am not allowed to buy any clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags etc... basically anything that I wear. Of course that doesn't include toiletries and cosmetics... something I don't have a bad obsession with. I was allowed to place orders up until midnight on the very last day of April (oh I can't wait to feature some of my recent and last buys), so anything delivered during the ban but ordered before it started is fine. 

I guess I've just got to get use to utilising the things that I already own, especially the things I've had for a while and never worn - for which I can name more than a few. So over the next three months, be prepared to see a mixture of new and old (and very old) in my outfit post. Of course I'll be sure to post links to similar pieces for things that are no longer in stock. 

And to start me off... I've featured this outfit 'Dirty Denim' which mixes the old with the new. Whilst you can still get this off shoulder faux leather biker jacket from Shein (be quick, there's only size medium in stock), the jeans are no longer available. But as you may know with Topshop, they always have a similar pair... so you can still achieve this look, should you so wish. There are also plenty of denim bags available on the high-street. I finished off the look with silver aviator sunglasses from Primark (you'll have to go in store to get them) and these silver barely there heeled sandals from Glamorous available at ASOS. And there you have it, my simple biker chic dirty denim look, effortless and cool.

Jacket - Shein     Jeans - Topshop     Heels - Glamorous     Bag - Forever 21

Photography - E. Daniel

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