Thursday 25 May 2017


"You are what you wear."
- Treasure Stitches

So remember earlier on in the month I mentioned that I has just started my three month shopping ban, well I'm now on day 25. Yes, it has been 25 long days of no shopping... no new shoes, no quick trips to Zara during my lunch breaks and no visits from the delivery man, dropping of my recent ASOS order. It's been difficult, but worth it, because I've learnt a lot. I figured for the remaining 2+ months I'll tell you all about it. But before that, let's focus on my latest outfit; 'Bubblegum'.

Just before my ban started I made a couple of purchases and one of the purchases included this amazing vibrant pink short jacket from Mango. So chic and feminine, I bought it with the intention to wear it as a light jacket for work during the warmer months. But being so versatile, I realised I can wear it casually and formally. For this look I went for chic and flirty. I teamed up the jacket with things I already own, you know, the ban means I've got to utilise everything. I wore a silver skirt from Zara (similar here), a silver camisole from (alternative here), a matching clutch bag from ASOS (similar here) and heels, also from ASOS. I finished off the look with a smile; a ladies best outfit accessory.

It's funny... or rather shocking, how much money one can save when they cut down on shopping or perhaps just cut out unnecessary spending. As I posed for these photos, wearing a mixture of old and relatively new, I realised if there's anything I've learnt in the first 25 days of my ban, it's that 'less is more'... and in more ways than one. Think about it, the less shopping you do the more money you save. lol.

Okay, but in all seriousness, I've learnt that it is better to buy less and chose well. Before buying an item (or two, three...) ask yourself a couple of questions; How often will I wear this? Is it good quality? Will I still be in love with it 3-6 months from now?

If you really like something but you doubt you'll wear it often, does it make sense spending a fortune on it? Often people buy things on an impulse; they never had an intention of buying it, they just happened to spot it whilst they were out, fell in love and headed straight to the till - parting with their hard earned cash. Well that's something I used to do, and I know many of you still do. I guess impulse shopping has its pros and cons, unfortunately in most cases the cons outweigh the pros. 

We've all been there, spotted something we liked and then told ourselves we'd sleep on it, only to go back and it's sold out. Damn! The urge to kick yourself is strong, and the envy you feel when you spot someone else rocking what you could have owned is... unbearable. 

I'm pretty sure the regret of missing out on something does not occur as frequently as when you buy something convincing yourself that you'll wear it a lot and 4 months later...hmmm... its still hanging in your wardrobe with the label on it; unworn and close to being thrown in your 'to sell on Depop/eBay' or 'to donate to charit' pile. The regret that you wasted £69.99 on it and will be selling it for £10... is... gosh, I don't want to remember. 

So before buying something, even if you don't sleep on it, think to yourself, is it something I'll wear often? and then be sure to apply the 'pay-per-wear' rule. If you're not going to wear it often, you shouldn't be spending a lot of money on it. However, if you're going to be wearing it on a regular basis it is worth forking out a decent amount of money on it, to ensure you're getting good quality that will stand up to the elements and still look almost as good as new, for months or even years to come. I guess if its cheap and you're not going to wear it often, you can be excused... but don't make a habit of it. All those cheap purchases add up; £15 here and £40 there, before you know it you've spent well into the hundreds, money wasted. 

I'm not going to get all mathematical with you about the pay-per-wear rule, I'm sure you get the drift. What I'm saying is... be mindful of your spending and try not to be so impulsive when shopping.  Shop smart. If you chose to continue to buy cheaper items that you'll only wear once or twice, don't leave it in your wardrobe, sell it... make some money, rather than letting it gather dust. You'll be surprised how many people would love to snap up the things you no longer care for and need, especially if they are still in season, in almost new condition and still part of the retailer's current collection.

Right... before this becomes an essay I'll leave it there. My next post will pick up where I left off, so be sure to follow. I'll be talking about how my shopping addiction developed from occasional shopping to an addiction and what plans I have in place to cope for the remaining time.

Photography - E. Daniel

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