Friday 27 September 2013

Zara Statement Necklaces

As you may know (from previous blog posts) Zara is one of my favourite high street stores, they have fantastic pieces at affordable prices. Their shoes and statement necklaces are so popular, I'm regularly visiting my local store to buy either a new pair of shoes or a bold necklace to add to my collection. That's when I thought why not showcase the gems that have helped me to decide some of the recent outfits featured on my blog. 

Here's part of  the start of my growing collection of Zara statement necklaces. This is probably 3 of the most popular statement necklaces that Zara have brought out within the last year. The necklaces are definitely an investment, regularly selling out, it's no wonder people are taking to online bidding sites like eBay to sell the gems for up to double the price. Yes that's right, I recently went on one site and saw one of my necklaces being offered for sale for £48!! But then that tends to be the case with any item from Zara that goes out of stock. 

I've never been a big fan of pearls, so when I saw this online I wasn't at all tempted to buy it, though there was no denying how well the combination of colours worked together. It wasn't until I spotted it in my local store that I realised just how beautiful the necklace was, definitely worth purchasing... it's just so pretty and with my recent love of green and blue outfits, I knew it would add an amazing finishing touch. 

The necklace  is very bold and very big, so I like to make it the centre of attention on my outfit. I think it can be worn casually during the day or dressed up at night; I recently wore it with a white chiffon t-shirt, green trousers and blue heels to work. I think it would look lovely with a lot of colours, especially a bold colour like orange as well as something subtle like cream or white.

The necklace has matching earrings which also look amazing, but wearing them together especially during the day is way too much for me and maybe a little too Pat Butcher. I think it's best to wear one piece at a time, so as I'm more of a necklace lover I went for the necklace as oppose to the earrings (check the earrings out here on the Zara website).

This necklace is the oldest of my collection and quite possibly my favourite (if I was forced to pick). It goes with everything, yes everything. It doesn't matter if you prefer silver or gold this necklace includes both, so it works for everyone. It can be worn dressed up or casually, adding sparkle to your otherwise basic t-shirt and jeans combo.

As it goes with so many different outfits, I've featured this necklace on my blog quite a few times, here's just a few posts:
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And last but not least is this beauty, with it's vintage-like look it's definitely a collector piece, one I'll never part with. When I saw this necklace online I knew that I had to get it or I'd definitely regret it. With some Zara jewellery once it's gone it's gone and it's not coming back. So yes, I clicked buy and patiently waited for the beauty to be delivered to my house.

As the necklace is full of bling I think its better suited to a night out, whether it's dinner with the Mr or a night out with the girls. Though, I must admit I wore it once during the day with an otherwise casual outfit and it looked great, but throughout the day I had people staring at me, especially children. I'd suggest if you want to wear it casually it would look great with a 1950s inspired outfit; a midi length full skirt, preferably in a pastel colour, teamed with a pretty lace top.

I believe that this necklace is still in stock, so if you like it... don't hesitate, get it now (here). 
Check out some of the other statement necklaces on the Zara website, you're bound to find something you'd like. 


Thursday 26 September 2013

Sunshine in Portugal

As you may have noticed I haven't written a blog entry for ages, apologies, where was I?... in sunny Portugal. Yes, I recently went to Lisbon with the ladies for a relaxing break, it as amazing. Lisbon is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have visited in recent years. With so much history, culture and entertainment there was a lot to do and a lot to see. We managed to pack in as much as we could, making the most of our time there. 

Just because I wasn't in my usual surroundings, doesn't mean that I didn't keep up appearances. The lovely weather enabled me to wear outfits that I wasn't able to wear back home in London during the summer. As we done a lot of walking in the 30+ degree heat, I wanted to be comfortable so wore light and loose clothing. My favourite outfit was my black crop top and Africa print trousers, both from Topshop, teamed up with my blue Zara bag.  

Sunglasses - Moschino
Crop Top - Topshop
Trousers - Topshop
Bag - Zara


Friday 6 September 2013

My Wish List

With less than a week until my trip with the ladies to sunny Portugal , I thought I better hit the net and look for some outfits. I couldn't find much because most stores have introduced their A/W range... so as you can imagine there wasn't much decent Summer stock left. Looking through the sites I got excited, I actually can't wait for more of the A/W stock to hit both the net and the high street, because what I've seen so far is very promising. I decided to put together a wish list of items from four of my favourite sites; ASOS,, Missguided and of course Zara. Check it out...


Trousers (see here)
Boots (see here)
Playsuit (see here)

Monochrome? Check. Leather? Check. Playsuit? Check. Missguided always gets me to part with my money and there's no surprise with the trendy pieces they have. They're always incorporating the latest trends in their stock. I'm really loving their faux leather playsuit, it's absolutely gorgeous... actually scrap that, it's sexy!!! 


Bag (see here)
Blazer (see here)
Skirt (see here)

We all love ASOS, stockist of some of the hottest high street stores. It's their own collection that I'm loving at the moment. The 'Rebel/Grunge' trend is big right now and I suspect it's going to get much bigger and ASOS have been sure to include some key pieces in their collection. I'm loving the tartan bag, I can just imagine it adding abit of 'cool' to an otherwise basic outfit. Just think, ripped boyfriend jeans, white tee and leather biker jacket teamed with the bag, too cool.


Trousers (see here)
Skirt (see here)
Shirt (see here)

Yes I know I say it all the time, Zara is my favourite store in the entire world (lol). But seriously, with their latest collection you can see why I keep going on and on. I'm so in love with their prints, they've got everything from floral printed trousers to safari printed shirts. Their cow print skirt is to die for, it's animal print and monochrome coming together. Better get myself to my local store ASAP!


Dress (see here)
Jacket (see here)
Skirt (see here)

I'm still very much in love with the Sports Luxe trend and was happy to see that still has a range available. I really do love this cobalt blue and mesh dress, and that white skirt is just so elegant, though can easily make a sexy outfit, if teamed with the right things. 
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