Thursday 4 May 2017

Dirty Denim

"Pure intense emotions. It's not about design. It's about feelings."
- Alber Elbaz

So today marks day 4 of my **3 month no shopping** challenge... and believe it or not, 3 days is a big achievement for me, so when I finally get to three months I'm going to be over the moon. Yes, I said 'when'; because I will get there and I will succeed. I'm looking forward to proving my doubters wrong and more importantly I'm looking forward to seeing the money pile up. Hopefully I'm strong enough to not spend every last penny I would have saved as soon as the ban comes to an end.

Anyway, let me tell you a little more about it... before I tell you about this outfit. So I've been a shopaholic for a few years now and within the last year or so, or perhaps 9 months, my love for shopping has gotten out of control. I regularly spending my lunch breaks in my local Zara store, or surfing the net looking at every on-line retailers' 'new in' section... yes that's me, I can't deny it. In fact everyone who knows me, regardless of whether that is as a close friend, colleague or merely an acquaintance is fully aware I have a shopping addiction. 

So I decided to give it up, just for a short while. Now there's absolutely no point me challenging myself to a year because I'd be setting myself up to fail, and six months is stretching it... I wouldn't be able to buy anything in time for my holiday in early Autumn,. But 3 months seemed like a reasonable amount of time, enough of a challenge for someone like me; a person who can hardly last a week or at stretch a fortnight without buying something new.

So as of the 1st May I am not allowed to buy any clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags etc... basically anything that I wear. Of course that doesn't include toiletries and cosmetics... something I don't have a bad obsession with. I was allowed to place orders up until midnight on the very last day of April (oh I can't wait to feature some of my recent and last buys), so anything delivered during the ban but ordered before it started is fine. 

I guess I've just got to get use to utilising the things that I already own, especially the things I've had for a while and never worn - for which I can name more than a few. So over the next three months, be prepared to see a mixture of new and old (and very old) in my outfit post. Of course I'll be sure to post links to similar pieces for things that are no longer in stock. 

And to start me off... I've featured this outfit 'Dirty Denim' which mixes the old with the new. Whilst you can still get this off shoulder faux leather biker jacket from Shein (be quick, there's only size medium in stock), the jeans are no longer available. But as you may know with Topshop, they always have a similar pair... so you can still achieve this look, should you so wish. There are also plenty of denim bags available on the high-street. I finished off the look with silver aviator sunglasses from Primark (you'll have to go in store to get them) and these silver barely there heeled sandals from Glamorous available at ASOS. And there you have it, my simple biker chic dirty denim look, effortless and cool.

Jacket - Shein     Jeans - Topshop     Heels - Glamorous     Bag - Forever 21

Photography - E. Daniel


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