"You either know fashion or you don't."
- Anna Wintour

So I thought I go for a totally different look than I'm use to posting on the blog, forget the sexy and forget the cool, today I went for a smart look. Okay, well not completely smart, the buttoned down shirt and killer heels, add a little sexiness... but hey, sometimes it's needed. 

When people think smart wear they usually think boring colours like navy grey and black, but there's no harm in wearing bright colours like yellow and pink. I decided to break the 'not set but assumed rules' and wore yellow tailored trousers from ASOS (old), with a long-line white shirt from Forever 21 (similar here) and a black blazer from Pretty Little Thing. I finished off the look with these chic sunglasses from River Island (old) and these converted heels from Shein (also available in pink nude).

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Photography - Aurelia 
"Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment."
- Alexander McQueen

Ever had one of those days when you just don't know what to wear? Well, that's what happens to me when I put this outfit together. In fact, it happens to me quite a lot. Honestly, the only reason why I paired this cool Missguided Tee with this pretty ASOS skirt, is because the pink of the skirt went well with the graphic print on the tee. It's as simple as that. 

I decided to make things look a little more street and casual, teaming the duo with a longline ripped denim jacket from Miss Pap (more here), a simple denim clutch bag from Forever 21 (old) and my all time favourite grey points from... you won't believe it... Primark. There you have it, a last minute through together outfit. 

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Photography - C. Noir
"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery."
- Yves Saint Laurent

Although the temperature may have dropped and the dark clouds have drawn in, it doesn't mean our outfits must follow suit; grey and boring. In fact, I see it as more of a reason to where bright bold colours, pretty prints and statement pieces, and that's exactly what I done with this outfit. 

Utilising the old and showcasing the new, I teamed up my all time favourite forest green coat from Zara with a purple skirt I got from the ASOS sale (sold out). To tie the two together, I teamed them with this pretty pretty green and purple blouse, also from the ASOS sale. I finished off the look with a black and gold cross-body bag (similar here) and strappy black heeled knee-high sandals from ASOS.  

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Photography - A. Otomewo
"Pure, intense emotions. It's not about design. It's about feelings."
- Alber Elbaz

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that every Sunday I feature my five favourite outfits of the week on my Insta Stories; from fashion-forward bloggers to savvy fashion designers and more. A few weeks ago I featured Angela B (@luvangelamarie... check her out!) in what I can only describe as the perfect outfit... blue jeans, a sheer black dress and a pin-stripped double breasted blazer. The finishing touches were cool sunglasses and black perspex heeled mules. I was so in love with the outfit (as I am with many of her outfits) I was inspired to create a look of my own. 

Sometimes, just sometimes... you have to mix the old with the new to create amazing outfits, and that's exactly what I done with this outfit. Hey, come on, who has money to always have completely new outfits? ha, not me (I wish).  Actually, to be honest, there are many things that I've had for years, that I just love to keep featuring, because they're timeless classics. Like these sassy heels.

I've been wanting to feature these amazing heels from Office Shoes (that I bought quite a few years ago) on the blog for some time now, and finally I found the perfect outfit to pair it with (thanks to Angela inspiring me). I teamed up the heels with a bright pink cropped jacket from Mango, a lace dress from Shein and some tailored trousers from Zara. I finished off the look with chic sunglasses, bold gold jewellery and a black and gold cross-body bag. 

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Photography - A. Otomewo
"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."
- Rachel Zoe

Now I know you're probably thinking 'she recently done a outfit post centred around pearls' but hey, I just can't help myself. The love for this trend has turned into somewhat of an obsession. No joke... in the last two months or so I've found myself  buying all things pearl embellished, so don't be surprised to see a few more outfits posts on the blog featuring the pretty little details, in the next few weeks. 

With this outfit I decided to ditch the camel and nude colours I featured previously and went for my favourite colour combination; monochrome. I teamed up this letter print t-shirt from Shein with a white layered tulle skirt from Fashion Union at ASOS (available in white and black here). As the weather has taken a little dip, I added a black Mac jacket from Boohoo (which I'm sorry is sold out), with my old staple perspex heels from H&M and the main feature, the pretty cross body pearl embellished bag from Zara. I finished off the look with cat-eyed sunglasses and Mac Cosmetics red lipstick. 

Now, based on my Instagram comments I can see that people are really loving my bag and t-shirt, and you'll be happy to read the both are still available to buy. I know sometimes I feature some old pieces which are no longer available (hey... if I was rich, for every outfit post, everything would be brand new), which can be annoying, but at least these two hits you can get your hands on... well whilst stocks last. To get your hands on them click on the images below, which will take you to the retailers website. Happy shopping! 

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Photography - C. Noir

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