"You either know fashion or you don't."
- Anna Wintour

I bet you never thought you'd see me in such a pretty dress, right? It makes a change from my usual sexy or urban looks, right? yeah, I know. I just fancied a change. When I saw this dress on the Shein website I wasn't sure if I should get it; it wasn't very Rita-ish. Totally different to what I usually go for, I decided to take a risk and show people that there are more (style) sides to me than they think or rather, than I let on. How I dress is purely dependent on how I feel and today, I felt like dressing up in something pretty and putting on some make-up.

I decided to team up this pretty little dress, that I recently purchased from Shein, with a pair of strappy heeled sandals the I got from ASOS a few months ago. I finished off the look with a faux fur cross body bag from Zara (see alternative here) and cool oversized cat-eyed sunglasses that I got from Topshop (sold out). Whilst all the pieces may not be on the high-street anymore, you can still get the main centre piece, the lovely dress... whilst stocks last, so get a move on!!

Photography - E. Daniel

"Pure, intense emotions. It's not about design. It's about feelings."
-Alber Elbaz

I've had my eye on these fancy kimonos for a while now, and when I spotted this one of Shein I just knew I had to get it. Long and smooth with a beautiful design, it makes for a great contender to those available on the high-street, and at just. a fraction of the price.

The perfect cover-up for the warmer months, Kimonos are the 'it buy' this season and with them all over social media, on the catwalks and in stores, I needed to get in on the new craze. And I'm glad I did.

I decided totem up my kimono, with velvet separates; a cute cropped top from New Look (alternative here) and split leg high waisted trousers from Pretty Little Thing (similar here). I finished off the look with a matching velvet bag from Missguided (sold out).

Photography - E. Daniel

"What I have done, Coco would have never done. She would have hated it."
- Karl Lagerfeld

So, firstly I must apologise for the poor maintenance of my blog. I've done so many outfit shoots, but finding the time to edit the photographs and put some enjoyable text to the images, has been somewhat challenging. You'd have thought after all these years that I'd be use to it, well at least by now. 

Unfortunately, things have been so hectic at work recently, I've hardly had any time to myself. Life has been; going to bed late and working up early, working ridiculous hours in the office, whilst still trying to see family and friends. Sadly, my blog has had the short straw and I haven't been able to dedicate as much time to it, as I usually do, or at least would have liked to.

Hopefully, time will be on my side, well for now. I'll be sure to provide you with more content on a regular basis. Fingers ad toes crossed. 

Anyway... how cool is this outfit, well to be more specific the faux leather beret. With similar hats spotted on Rihanna and BeyoncĂ©, and gracing the catwalks of Gucci and Dior, I knew I had to get this fierce head candy (yep, coined by me) when I spotted it on the Shein website. Similar in style, but at a fraction of the price... this hat is a bargain. 

I decided to go for a sexy chic look and teamed up the beret with an Bardot pinstriped blazer, also from Shein, a faux leather mini skirt from Zara (similar here) and pointed court shoes from H&M (old). I finished off the look with cool sunglasses from Primark, and my trusted faux leather grab clutch, (that I pick up from Zara many years ago). 

Photography - E. Daniel
"Trendy is the last stage before tacky."
-Karl Lagerfeld

There's no other style I love dressing in more than 'casual cool'. Forget the sexy revealing outfits, or the smart work-wear, it's all about dressing casual and looking cool. Being able to get dressed up and take my look from day to night, is the biggest advantage of dressing casual cool. A pair of heels can dress up what would have been a rather laid back outfit, a casual outfit. The shoes and accessories, in combination with the make-up and hairstyle is what adds the cool to my otherwise simply casual outfit.

Here I decided to team up this long-line vest top from Zara (that I bought before my three month shopping ban, don't worry it is still available in store to buy in the sale), vest a faux leather mini skirt, faux leather clutch bag and barely-there platform perspex heeled sandals from Forever 21 (alternatives here and here). I finished off the look with cool black sunglasses from Topshop and this cute watch (that I've been wearing a lot recently) from Abbot Lyon

Photography - E. Daniel
"People say, 'What do you mean you want to help the world, but you're so concerned about fashion?' It's illegal to be naked. It is something that is extremely important."
- Kanye West

So here it is, my final outfit from my 'Love Denim' look-book. As I come to the end of my shopping ban, I thought I'd bring the look-book to an end with 'oldish' clothes... things that I purchased prior to the start of the ban. Don't worry as soon as this ban is over, I'll be back to shopping (albeit sensibly) and with plenty of new outfits you can actually buy. 

I teamed up this frill detailed denim mini skirt from Zara (alternative here, here and here)with a white cold shoulder bow detailed blouse from ASOS (sold out, similar here). I finished off the look with a plain denim clutch from Forever 21 and Baroque barely there heeled sandals from Shein.

Photography E. Daniel
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