Friday 30 June 2017

Sultry Monochrome

"You either know fashion or you don't."
- Anna Wintour

I've been wearing deep-v bodysuits, dresses and tops for a very long time now, and over the years I've had many people ask me what type of bra I'm wearing that enables me to get a way with such a look. Well, finally I'm spilling the beans, not that it was an intentional secret. 

Ultimate Plunge Bra from Wonderbra is my go-to bra for clothes with a sexy deep cut neckline. Available in Black or Nude, this bra is perfect for ladies of all sizes, who love to look daring and sexy, just like I do. The bra is comfortable and sleek, offering a deep plunge and soft moulded cups, which allows you to achieve a look which will leave others questioning whether you have really perky breasts or a good boob job (yes, I've been asked that before, no - they're real). The straps are multi-way and the bra seamless; so it can be worn with a variety of different cuts and materials. Like all bras, to ensure longevity it should be hand washed only! Available from a 32A to a 38F and at £37 on the ASOS website, it is a definitely good investment.  

I used my investment in my latest outfit, just to show you how amazing it is. I really do love monochrome, it has to be one of my favourite colour combinations to wear, both casually and formally. When I spotted this skirt on the ASOS website toward the end of last year, I snapped it up immediately, it was definitely a skirt I needed to own. I wore it for the first time at my work Christmas party, and to my delight (or rather yours) it's still available (though limited stock) to buy online. I decided to team it up with a deep cut black bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing, Gold platform heeled sandals (sold out) and my favourite gold bag. I finished off the look with sexy cat-eyed sunglasses from Topshop. 

Photography - E. Daniel


Tuesday 27 June 2017

Blaq Chic

"I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet."
- Carrie Bradshaw

It's slowly creeping up to two months since I started my three month shopping ban; August 1st will never be the same again. With just over a month left of no shopping (well no buying footwear, clothing or jewellery), I'll soon be counting down the days until I can get my first shopping 'fix'... or will I?! I must admit at first I found it very difficult; with the first few weeks, or probably even the first month proving particularly challenging. 

Seeing friends in their new outfits, donning new shoes or a flashy designer handbag has in some ways filled me with... envy, a feeling I haven't encountered since my mum bought my big sister a pink hooded coat and me the less aesthetically pleasing purple version - I'd say I was about 6 years old. But yeah, you get the drift; I rarely feel envy of the things others have, because I've always been of the mindset; if I want something I'll get it... even if I have to save my pennies for a couple of weeks. 

Yet being on this ban, as I have explained in a recent post, has changed my mindset on shopping and blogging. I'm usually shopping in store or on line on a daily basis, spending so much I'm too ashamed to say. So I've saved a lot of money in the last two months and decided I'm not going to buy any new clothes until I've managed to feature almost everything I've bought, leading up to the ban, on the blog. So the ban may go on a little longer... though I do need a couple of pairs of new work shoes. 

So with this outfit I decided to do exactly that, feature some things I've been long wanting to feature on the blog, but never got round to doing it. Whilst most of the pieces are no longer in stock, I've included links to similar items so that you can still achieve my look. 

This amazing bomber jacket is one of my favourites for the warmer months. Now sold out on ASOS, you can get you hands on a similar red or black version from Forever 21. These comfy but chic black trousers are now available in the Zara sale in a few sizes and these on trend perspex heels still remain a top buy on Public Desire. My bag was a hit at Accessorize and sold out in a flash, but they have many similar animal print cross bodies. As for the star of the show... unfortunately this velvet corset is over 5 years old, with removable cross chest straps, the little number sold out in weeks. I finished off the look with a bold pink Mac lip and cool square shades. 

Photography - E. Daniel


Friday 23 June 2017

Golden Girl

"Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never really ends."
- Kate Spade

So, this outfits marks the start of my latest look-book. I'm not going to spill too much information about it, because of course I want you to come back and read more about it. Yep, that's the simple truth. However, I'll tell you this, I'll be using a lot more of my old pieces - just because I'm still going through my 3 month shopping ban. 5 weeks to go. 

With this outfit I pretty much wore everything old, well apart from these white tailored trousers from Zara (sold out). I decided to go for a smart sexy look, teaming the trousers with a white long-line blazer from Forever 21 (alternative here) and a deep cut camel bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing (sold out, similar here). I finished off the look with camel heeled sandals from Matalan, my trusted gold clutch a bold rep lipstick.

Photography - K. Atkinson

Tuesday 20 June 2017


"Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping."
- Oscar Wilde 

The weather has been surprisingly hot in London this week. With record breaking temperatures, it was the perfect time to sport this little number, which includes my favourite colour; yellow. I decided to keep the outfit fresh and simple, limited to hues to yellow and silver and pattern-less. I wore a yellow blazer from Mango (similar here), a silver grey tank top from Boohoo (similar here) and a silver skirt from Zara (similar here). I finished off the look with an amazing statement necklace, one I've for a while, and cool shades, to keep the sunshine out of my eyes. 

Photography - E. Daniel

Friday 16 June 2017

Denim Fresh

'In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.'
- Iman

I'm known for buying the same thing in more than one colour... and that's exactly what I done with the heels from ASOS. You may have noticed from a previous post that I also have these amazing heels in black. Whilst the black pair look great for occasional wear, I thought the white pair would look great for the warmer months, during both day and night. Plus they were on sale... so why not, hey?!

I decided to keep things simple with this outfit, focusing mainly on the heels; teaming them with a oversized distressed denim jacket and a simple off white t-shirt dress. I finished off the look with one of my favourite clutches, just to add a bit of colour and character.

Jacket - Misspap     Dress - Zara     Heels - ASOS     Bag - Zara     Sunglasses - Versace

Photography - R. Rai

Monday 12 June 2017

The Blouse

"Listen, 'real' women are the reason the fashion industry exists."
- Marc Jacobs

I've never been one to listen to what there people say when it comes to fashion. I wear what I want, because I like it and like the way it looks on me. You're too short, you're breasts are too big, you're legs too thick... who cares, I don't. All that matters is that I look and feel good... and I definitely did in this outfit. 

Revealing, somewhat, yes. I teamed up this chic white blouse from Shein with stonewash blue ripped skinny jeans from Topshop, cool heeled sandals also from Shein (sold out) and a denim clutch from Forever 21. My body, my style, my choice... my way. 

Photography - E. Daniel


Friday 9 June 2017

Great 1985

"Conformity is the only real fashion crime. To not dress like yourself and to sublimate your spirit to some kind of group identity is succumbing to fashion fascism."

- Simon Doonan

1985 was a great year, some of my favourite celebs and sports stars were born and my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the late Autumn, me...ha ha. Not but seriously, the likes of Christians Ronaldo, Janelle MonaƩ, Bruno Mars, Ciara, J Cole, Wayne Rooney, Lewis Hamilton and many more greats were born. So when I spotted this shirt on the H&M website I decided to purchase it, put together an outfit and celebrate the creations on that year.

With this outfit I decided to keep it casual, I teamed up the tie front tea from H&M with a faux leather mini skirt from Zara (sold out), a long-line denim jacket from Misspap (similar here) and cool all white Adidas trainers. I finished off the look with a bold red lip, just to spice things up a little. 

Photography - E. Daniel


Monday 5 June 2017

STYLING: Summer Stripes

The weather in London has been a little hit and miss of late, but the hits have definitely been great. With the sun out in full display; everyone has been out siezing the opportunity to soak up the rays and get a little vVitamin D. Hey, why not?

I definitely wanted to take full advantage of the good weather and chose the perfect Summer ensemble for Rima. The beautiful flow and layers of her crop top from Pretty Little Thing, teamed with her multi-coloured airy culottes from ASOS, made the a stylish and feminine option for a warm Summers day. I finished off the look with a orange/coral cloth bag from Faith and a bold red lip. 

Photography & Styling: Rita Okpuru

Friday 2 June 2017

STYLING: A Touch of Red

Well you can probably tell from my blog and Instagram feed that I love monochrome. It looks great on every skin tone and with every hair colour. It's a timeless classic. It makes cheap look cheap and boring look cool. Not satisfied with dressing myself in the hit, I decided to dress someone else in it; Stella.

How gorgeous does Stella look in this off shoulder monochrome dress from Zara? Not something she'd typically wear, I decided that it was time she flaunted her curves in something bold but classy. I teamed the monochrome dress with a red clutch bag from ASOS, a mesh chocker from Pretty Little Thing and white heels (already owned by Stella). 

Photography & Styling: Rita
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