Tuesday 27 June 2017

Blaq Chic

"I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet."
- Carrie Bradshaw

It's slowly creeping up to two months since I started my three month shopping ban; August 1st will never be the same again. With just over a month left of no shopping (well no buying footwear, clothing or jewellery), I'll soon be counting down the days until I can get my first shopping 'fix'... or will I?! I must admit at first I found it very difficult; with the first few weeks, or probably even the first month proving particularly challenging. 

Seeing friends in their new outfits, donning new shoes or a flashy designer handbag has in some ways filled me with... envy, a feeling I haven't encountered since my mum bought my big sister a pink hooded coat and me the less aesthetically pleasing purple version - I'd say I was about 6 years old. But yeah, you get the drift; I rarely feel envy of the things others have, because I've always been of the mindset; if I want something I'll get it... even if I have to save my pennies for a couple of weeks. 

Yet being on this ban, as I have explained in a recent post, has changed my mindset on shopping and blogging. I'm usually shopping in store or on line on a daily basis, spending so much I'm too ashamed to say. So I've saved a lot of money in the last two months and decided I'm not going to buy any new clothes until I've managed to feature almost everything I've bought, leading up to the ban, on the blog. So the ban may go on a little longer... though I do need a couple of pairs of new work shoes. 

So with this outfit I decided to do exactly that, feature some things I've been long wanting to feature on the blog, but never got round to doing it. Whilst most of the pieces are no longer in stock, I've included links to similar items so that you can still achieve my look. 

This amazing bomber jacket is one of my favourites for the warmer months. Now sold out on ASOS, you can get you hands on a similar red or black version from Forever 21. These comfy but chic black trousers are now available in the Zara sale in a few sizes and these on trend perspex heels still remain a top buy on Public Desire. My bag was a hit at Accessorize and sold out in a flash, but they have many similar animal print cross bodies. As for the star of the show... unfortunately this velvet corset is over 5 years old, with removable cross chest straps, the little number sold out in weeks. I finished off the look with a bold pink Mac lip and cool square shades. 

Photography - E. Daniel


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