Wednesday 23 October 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Topshop Monti Cutout Ankle Boots

I love Topshop and even more so since purchasing my lovely boots a few weeks back. I'd been looking for flat ankle boots for a while and couldn't find any that what go with a multitude of trends, and then I spotted these in my local store. I'm so happy I bought them, a purchase I don't regret.

The style of the boot is very simple, sort of like a Chelsea style boot, but with a cutout design and the addition of a strap and lovely gold buckle. The fact that the design is so simple allows it to be worn with all different kinds of looks, the boot is very versatile. And of course like I've stated in previous posts I'm a fan of gold, so the inclusion of the gold buckle was definitely the icing on the cake. 

Being flat the boots are extremely comfortable and have a nice fit. They're neither wide nor narrow, in fact they fit really well. The one thing I would suggest is going to the store to try on the boots before you buy them, that is if you were considering buying them online. I found the boots to be a tad big, my usual size is a 4.5 or 5, with these boots I had to get a size 4 and they're still a little spacious, but this is fine if you intend on wearing socks with them.

Of late when buying leather boots you're destined to spend quite a bit of money, so I was pleasantly surprised with the £45 price tag, what a bargain!! I'm so happy and in love with these boots and how they look great with almost everything from midi skirts to skinny jeans, I've even sported them to work plenty of times since getting them as they look great with both casual wear and smart wear. I particularly like the way they look when teamed with my Topshop Leigh skinny jeans (check out review here) and a blazer.

Another thing I quite like about these boots is that you can adjust the fit around your ankle via the strap. So if you have small or wider ankles you can adjust the strap accordingly, which improves the comfort of an already very comfortable boot. 

The sole of a boot has a little grip to it, so don't worry there shouldn't be much slipping and sliding in these boots. However, I'm yet to wear them in extreme winter weather conditions. I think if the boot had any more grip it would change the appearance of the boot and perhaps make it look more casual. 

Overall I would definitely recommend these boots, they're comfortable, good quality being genuine leather and very friendly on the purse! 

To get your hands on these boots visit your local store or go online to the Topshop website (here).

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