Thursday 17 October 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Primark Platform Buckled Boots

Ever since buying my monochrome heels from Primark (see review here), I decided to drop the idea that cheap shoes are not as good as expensive shoes. Primark have done it again, they've won me over with these Rock Chic sky high biker boots.

I’m definitely a fan of the rock chic look, sporting it season after season and these boots certainly polish up many of my rock chic outfits. I love wearing these boots with leggings and oversized printed t-shirts, but even more with my leather shorts and denim shirt.


Though high, the heel on these boots is very chunky and in addition with the platform at the front of the boot makes for a very comfortable wear. Honestly, I wore them for hours on end at the Bruno Mars concert and remained comfortable the entire time, actually they're even more comfortable than some shoes I own with a much lower heel.

The front of the boot is not at all narrow, in fact the width is quite generous, so no need to worry about it pinching on your baby toes. This is ideal for ladies who have normal to wide feet, those with narrow feet may want to try them on before they consider making a purchase.

The sole of the boot is rather smooth and barely has any grip, so I wouldn't advise wearing them in bad weather conditions or on slippery surfaces. However, saying that the sole fits the sleek look of the boot and I can't imagine that it would look better with any other sole.

The boots are adorned with gold; gold buckles and a gold zip, which make the  boots look much more expensive than they actually are. Whilst I'd always opt for gold, black buckles and zips may have also complemented the boots well, however, I think silver would have made the boots look cheap.

I'd definitely recommend these boots, they look great, they're purse friendly and extremely comfortable.

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