Tuesday 18 June 2013

Zara Blue Bag

 If you haven't figured it out from my previous posts, I love Zara. In fact I love Zara even more since purchasing my new cobalt blue bag, it has been a God send! When I went to Oxford street a few weeks back I wasn't actually looking for anything in particular, but then a flash of blue caught my eye, there it was the last one, my cobalt blue bowling bag waiting for me to take it home. I couldn't leave the shop without it, I had to get it otherwise I would spend forever regretting it, or at least until I found another eye catching bag to take my mind of it. At £39.99 it was a bargain I couldn't ignore.

When I saw the bag i knew it would go well with so many different outfits, so many different colours, though it's bright and bold it goes with just about everything. I love wearing the bag with monochrome, but most of all I love wearing it with green. Blue and green go amazingly well together, especially cobalt blue and grass green. I think the bag looks amazing with my Zara grass green top and gold jewellery, it gave my otherwise plain outfit a kick.

Outfit - Bag and Top Zara, Ankle Boots Miss Selfridge, Jeans Topshop, Watch Michael Kors, Necklace Vintage, Sunglasses Moschino, Leather Jacket Cuero, Ring Forever21.

The bag is part of the Zara Basic range, so that means it's an affordable price (£39.99). The lining is made out of linen and polyester, whilst it doesn't look bad and most of the bags in the basic range have a similar lining, it would have looked better with a thicker material in a contrasting bold colour. 

The bag is structured and quite large in size, so it can fit all your daily essential plus much more, I even managed to fit a pair of shoes in there! I was so happy that the zips were gold as oppose to silver as it made the bag look more expensive and made complemented the rich blue. The zips also open wide, which means easy access.

The bag also comes with a shoulder strap, so if you're lugging around a lot of bags instead of holding the bag like you would a typical bowling bag you can throw the strap on your shoulder, though I myself prefer to hold the bag.

To get your hands on this beauty check out the Zara website or visit your local store. 


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