Wednesday 29 May 2013

Transitional Outfits: Pretty Floral

The weather in London is pretty poor for late May/early June, if it's not raining it's grey and cold... how miserable! This is bad news for many retail shops, as usually by this time of the year they're selling their summer items, short skirts, vest and pretty summer sandals. Still they sell their winter stock, hoping that the weather will brighten up and warm up... lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this happens soon.

A few weeks back, I was so excited at the prospect of summer that I went on a couple of shopping trips to buy some goodies for the transition... goodies I'm still yet to wear. With the thought that this 'summer' I'm waiting for not turning up or merely showing it's face for a few days, I decided to mix my new summer buys with some winter items I already own, coming up with some great outfits for the 'not yet summer but leaving winter' period. Oh and in case you're wondering what happened to the other two seasons; it appears we don't have Spring or Autumn over here in the UK!

Here's my first outfit... Pretty Floral <3

Michael Kors Watch

 Topshop Leigh Blue Skinny Jeans
Zara White Ankle Strap Sandals

River Island Floral Peplum Top
New Look White Clutch


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