Monday 13 May 2013

TOPSHOP 'Leigh' Skinny Jeans - Review

Well, where do I start. I'm not exactly the skinniest of females, I'm a healthy size UK 10 (usually, but depends where I buying from) and a petite 5'3'', I'm fairly curvy and have great difficulty finding clothes that fit my frame, especially jeans. For a long time I hunted for jeans that would fit both my waist and my thighs, whist complementing my derrière. Being petite, finding the right length was never really a problem for me, getting alterations at my local dry cleaners for a fiver didn't hurt my pocket, I just wanted jeans that actually fit me and complemented my shape.

L-R: Previous pairs purchased Winter 2012 in Navy and Stonewash. Three new pairs purchased May 2013; Blue, Pale Grey and Black.

Towards the end of last year I purchased some amazing skinny jeans from Topshop and I can't stress how great they are. I love them so much that I purchased the same pair in another colour and today, after months of trying to find other jeans that would fit just as well, I finally gave in and went back to Topshop and purchased another three pairs! What Topshop jeans are these do you ask? Leigh, Super Soft Ankle Grazer Skinny Jeans.

Affordable at just £38, you can't go wrong. 

Now the style of the jeans is in the name; they're super soft, graze the ankle and are a skinny fit. Due to the materials used the jeans are very soft on the skin making for great comfort and the use of Elastane give the jeans a good stretch, allowing them to mould to your shape. Ideally the jeans are suppose to be worn above the ankle, but if you're not a fan they're available in three different lengths (30'', 32'' and 34''), so you can opt for a longer pair. I tend to like my skinny jeans to fit quite tight, but not as tight as leggings and these jeans are just the great go between; the look of jeans with the slight feel and all the comfort of leggings.

The jeans have five pockets, two to the rear and three at the front. 

Not all Leigh jeans have a folded bottoms, but all five pairs I own do. I quite like this as it give the jeans a casual look when worn with converses and flat pumps. However, should you not like the folded bottoms there are many Leigh jeans available without or you can easily undo the small stitching that creates the fold.

The Jeans generally tend to be made of Cotton, Polyester and Elastane.

I've had my first two pairs for about 5/6 months now and I wear them both all the time. They're constantly being thrown in the washing machine and they still look great, no tears and the colour almost as good as when I first purchased them. They're definitely great quality and I would recommend purchasing them, especially if you have trouble getting jeans that you can wear without a belt.

I guess the only suggestion I would make when purchasing these jeans is to buy them in the shop rather than purchasing online. With the material varying depending on the colour you go for, some Leigh jeans are much more stretchy and comfortable than others. So definitely worth trying before buying.

  • Comfortable
  • 3 Different lengths available
  • Long Lasting, Good Quality
  • Affordable at £38
  • Huge range of colours

  • Materials vary, so some not as comfortable as others

For more Leigh jeans and to view Topshops alternative jeans visit: 


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