Thursday 8 March 2018

Legend: Whitney

"From the beginning, the camera and I were great friends. It loves me and I love it."
- Whitney Houston

I've long been a fan of Whitney Houston, since my younger days when my mum would sing aloud to her body-moving hit 'Dance With Somebody'. I always wished I could sing just like her, but unfortunately I wasn't blessed with such a beautiful voice, though it sounds alright when I'm in the bathroom... but, I guess we all sound good in the shower, right? ha ha. Anyway, when I spotted this top on Missguided, I thought it would be nice to do a little tribute outfit post, to one of my favourite female vocalists of all time. What a legend she was... and forever will be, in the hearts of many. 

Image: David Corio/Getty Images

I remember admiring her in the amazing movie 'The Bodyguard', in which she starred alongside Kevin Costner. She was so beautiful and there was something truly majestic about her; not only could she sing, but she could act. I can't put my finger on it, I'm not quite sure why, but she always seemed like a people pleaser... I guess it was the pressures of the industry. Everyone loved her... but deep down, I question whether she really truly loved herself as much as we all loved her. Perhaps if she did, she'd still be here today... who knows. One thing for sure, is her passing definitely got me thinking that life is for living and being truly happy within myself.  It is not about pleasing others to the detriment of myself. It is about doing what I want, seizing opportunities and living my best life... because you never know when it will be snatched away. Funnily enough, that's the mindset I apply to my dress sense; for me by me.

When I get dressed the only person I'm trying to impress and please is myself. I don't get dressed up seeking validation or acceptance, nor am I out there hunting down compliments. I just put on whatever I think looks good, whether it is 5 inch killer heels and a mini skirt, or ripped jeans and some cool trainers. It's all about me, looking good and feeling even better. 

Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

That's what I done with this outfit. I wanted to keep things laid back and casual, so I teamed my oversized sweatshirt with jogging bottoms, from Forever 21. I decided to give the outfit a cool vibe, so added my trusted longline denim jacket from Misspap and a matching denim hurdle bag from Primark. I finished off the look with platform patent white trainers from Puma and some funky black sunglasses from Shein. Not something Whitney would have worn, I don't think, but definitely inspired by the icon. 

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Sweatshirt - Missguided 
Trousers - Forever 21 
Jacket - MissPap (sold out)
Bag - Primark (old)
Trainers - Puma
Sunglasses - Shein

Photography - Aurelia V (@aureliav)


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