Wednesday 21 September 2016

Neutral Blue

'Style is primarily a matter of instinct.'
- Bill Blass

So, I'd been wondering what colours other than blue, white and yellow go well with my new blue hair... and I decided that I don't actually care, I'm going to wear whatever I want, regardless of whether others think my new do looks good with an outfit or not. I'm not about pleasing others when it comes to my personal style, it's all about what I feel comfortable in and what I believe I look good in. And today that just happened to be camel, or to some of you nude. I decided to keep things simple and show off my hair, in all its glory. Today... nothing was going to steal it's limelight. I teamed up the look with some perspex goodies; there calf boots and a sleek little cross body bag - simple and effective.

Bodysuit - Pretty Little Thing     Leggings - Primark     Bag - New Look     Boots - Public Desire

Photography - E. Daniel

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