Sunday 4 September 2016

Looking Back: August 2016

August was one of my most random months in terms of outfits; I didn't stick to one trend or colour... I just went with the flow and wore whatever I felt like on the day of the shoot. One day I felt like dressing causal and on another day I decided to glam up. August permits such behaviour... the weather is warm and you can just about get away with wearing what you want. 

Unfortunately, my schedule didn't allow me to do as many posts as I usually do, but what I did post I liked... and I hope you did too. I promise September will be just as diverse but with many more outfit posts and weekly picks. I've also got a little surprise in store for you... so keep your eyes peeled. 


All White


Oriental Leaf

Delicate Pink

Urban Blue

E. Daniel
C. Noir


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