Thursday 1 May 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Next Cut-out Brogues

I'm so impressed with these cut out Brogues from Next, I thought it'd be criminal if I didn't write a review explaining just why they're so amazing and recommending that you visit your local Next store to at very least try them on! I guess it's only when you try them on that you'll understand all that you're about to read. 

I'd been looking for a pair of smart trendy shoes for the past month, shoes that were both comfortable and affordable. I was fed up of stomping around the office, killing my poor feet in mid to high heel court shoes, I just wanted something I could wear the entire day and not have to moan about. One day during my search I stumbled into these Brogues at Next and yes I know I've said it many times before in other reviews, but I really did fall in love with these shoes immediately, in fact even before I actually tried them on.

I remember seeing quite a few celebs in the media over the past 12+ months in Brogues and even remember reading in my favourite magazine (Look magazine of course) about cut out Brogues being the next big thing, so I thought since I love the look of them and they're supposedly set to be big, I can kill two birds with one stone - get comfy shoes for work and feature them in my OOTD on my blog (oh that's 'outfit of the day' for those who don't know).

Celebs wearing Brogues: Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, Nicole Richie and Rihanna.

What I love about Next is that (a lot of) their footwear is available in half sizes, which is perfect for me being a UK 4.5/EU 37.5 as not many shops these days offer such sizing. However, I tried on the 4.5 and found them too big, I think that due to the shoe being a more masculine style they're made a little more wide, which ultimately effected the fit. So if you're thinking of buying these shoes, I strongly recommend trying them on for sizing prior to purchasing, especially if you have narrow feet.

Unfortunately the store didn't have a size 4 in stock, but I was able to order the shoes in store at the till and to my delight they were ready to pick up the next day. I merely paid for the price of the shoes, provided my details and that was it. No long wait for delivery and no paying for delivery either.

The size four fit perfectly, so I'd suggest that most people go half a size down from their normal size. 

The shoes are the typical Brogue design with a twist, cut out sections. It definitely gives the ordinarily smart shoe a more modern funky look, making it more versatile - allowing it to be worn both casually and formally, on all different types of occasions. Whilst I wear mine more formally to the office, they look just as great with ripped boyfriend jeans and even a pretty ponte mini skirt.

The heel of the shoe is very flat, roughly an inch in height. I tend to find that low heeled shoes make my small feet look bigger, however, strangely that isn't the case with these shoes at all. So if you have bigger feet, don't fear they wont make you look silly. I guess whether they make your feet look big or small also depends on what you wear them with.

With the low heel in addition to the interior of the shoe, these Brogues make for comfortable wear. I've worn them all day in the office and even out on a long and tiring shopping trip, at the end of the day my feet are never tired after wearing these comfortable shoes.

The body of the shoe is black patent which allows for easy maintenance. It doesn't get dirty quickly, or rather dirty marks are not easily visible. In the instance that they do become dirty, you merely need wipe the shoes down with a damp cloth, though I wouldn't recommend doing so often. It has three lace holes, which allows for the shoes to be worn either loose or more tight.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the shoe, from the zigzag cut to the traditional brogue detailing, Next has won a lot of points from me with these amazing shoes. Like they say on their website they're 'ultra-modern shoes that gives a feminine nod to the masculine man flats'. 

At £36 they're an absolute bargain, especially if you think like me - pay per wear. In fact the shoes look much more expensive than their actual price tag. I've received so many compliments, with people continuously asking me where they're from. If you decide to buy these shoes you'll quickly realise just how much of a good investment they are - you'll be wearing them all the time, they may even replace your favourite heels (who knows, anything is possible)!! 

The shoes are available in UK sizes 2.5 to 10 (so, if you're a man and you want these shoes you can get them too!!) and also come in patent grey with a wooden heel.

On Trend
Easy maintenance


To get your hands on these trendy brogues visit the Next website - or your local store. 

Happy shopping! xxx


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