Sunday 18 May 2014

My Buys: Michael Kors Bracelet and Earrings

As you may have realised from previous posts I've got a bit of a thing for Michael Kors; jewellery and leather goods. I own two bags, a purse, a watch, a bangle and now these beautiful earrings and amazing bracelet. Luckily, with these earrings I got the last pair in my local store - in fact it turns out they're sold out in all London stores, so if you want to get your hands on them try online. The bracelet is available both online and in store, so don't waste time and wait for them to be sold out before you take action. What I love about MK jewellery is that it's affordable and distinctive, with prices starting from as little as £40. I tend to wear my earrings to work, as they are pretty but discreet and I wear my bracelet on nights out or during the day, to dress up otherwise very casual outfits.

Bracelet - Michael Kors (see here)
Earrings - Michael Kors (sold out, see here)


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