Sunday 6 April 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Primark Floral Pointed Court Heels

These are now my third pair of Primark heels and I have to say they're the best of the three. In August last year (Monochrome Heels) and again in January of this year (Green T-Bar Heels) I told you how great both my pairs of Primark heels are and these beauties are no different. Not only do they look amazing, they're very comfortable and definitely on trend. With Spring finally here, they're definitely the heels to be seen in!

What I love most about these heels is obviously the floral print - it's so bold and bright and has the potential to transform the dullest of outfits. With an array of colours, these heels work well with a variety of colours - so whatever pallet of colours you favour these shoes are bound to complement; from white to black, yellow to green. I myself love wearing them with my colour of the moment - cobalt. 

I've found that I can wear either a UK 4 (EU37/US6) or UK 5 (EU38/US7) in Primark footwear - I guess it's the styling of the shoe determines the size I have to buy. Unlike my other two pairs, with these pointed courts I had to buy a size 5, surprisingly and to my delight, thankfully they fit very well a - neither too loose nor too tight. As I advise in all my shoe reviews, be safe and try on the shoes prior to purchase - in fact have a (very) short wonder around the shoe department to see how they feel, just don't head out of the store with them still on your feet (!) - that would be embarrassing. 

Trying before buying is particularly important if you've had problems with pointed courts in the past, as dependent on the width of your feet they may prove a little snug where your toes are - I have normal width feet and find that these heels fit fine. However, ladies with wider feet may find the fit a little snug by the toes, which if purchased in spite of this problem could lead to decreased comfort - a typical issue with most pointed court heels from both luxury and high street brands.

Usually you get what you pay for - cheap shoes = cheap quality. But that doesn't apply to these heels at all. In fact the heels look much more expensive than their £12 price tag!! Evidently you can see that a lot of thought has been put into both the design and comfort of the heels. The multicoloured material to the exterior resembles satin - the sheen of the material really makes the colours pop and gives the heel a more luxe look. Both the interior and the base are a dark nude almost a fair tan colour, whilst this is doesn't detract from the heels, I would have opted for something a little more bold, in keeping with the rest of the shoe - perhaps cobalt or maybe even forest green. 

 The height of the heel is perfect for both everyday wear and occasional wear. At roughly 3.5 inches tall, you can pretty much wear them for hours on end before your feet start to hurt. To make up for the comfort that platform heels offer, Primark has included a discreet cushioning, so unlike with other heels by the end of the day/night it's unlikely that the balls of your feet will be sore and/or hard.

These heels would look great with a simple outfit like my Spring Fresh ensemble (see here) and would add a welcome pop of colour to an all black outfit like my Black and Simple ensemble (see here). Whilst I'd prefer to wear them occasionally, they'd glam up your office wear during Spring and Summer months and just as eqaully look cute when heading to Church or to a wedding with a elegant dress or skirt suit. 

On Trend

Not available in wide fit

 To get your hands on these beauties before they fly of the shelves visit your local Primark store.

Photography - Rita Okpuru


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