Wednesday 1 January 2014

A Look Back At 2013

2013 was a good year for me, the year in which I started my blog. I decided to share my love for fashion with everyone and anyone, taking photos during my lunch breaks, on weekends and any time I had the chance, just to show you my personal style… what I’m wearing on a daily basis. 

Outfits of 2013 in Pictures
Best Outfits Of 2013

I love wearing black and leather a lot and I think I’ve shown that in my post this year, but I also love colour and bold colour at that. My style is always changing, it really depends on how I’m feeling at that moment in time, I don’t wear things just because they’re in trend I wear things because I think they complement my body shape and they make me look and feel good. Last year for me it was all about being comfortable whilst looking good, I didn’t care whether I was on trend or not.

It’s kind of hard to narrow it down but I think my three favourite outfits of 2013 have to be Monochrome Aztec Trousers (see here), Powder Pink (see here) and Black and Simple (see here). Ok… well I also have to include Religious Painting Skirt (see here), the photo shoot for the outfit was fun regardless of the fact it was freezing.

Best Purchase Of 2013
I’m always shopping, there’s always something I see that I say I need to purchase because my life wouldn’t be complete without it (hilarious I know)! But without a doubt, my best purchase of 2013 has to be my black Michael Kors Selma Bag. It neatened up so many of my outfits, in fact I don’t think the outfits would have looked as good with any other bag. Although it’s so simple it’s lush and so elegant, it actually inspired me to get the matching purse and a few other MK purses on Boxing Day… I’ll probably do a Brand Review for Michael Kors since I now own 2 bags, a watch, a purse and a bangle from the lush brand, just keep an eye out.

Product Reviews
I also decided to do product reviews of items I had purchased both online and on the high street. I thought it would be beneficial to provide detailed reviews, as most of the reviews you tend to find on retail websites are quite short and not many bloggers actually provide reviews. My most successful review has been on the Leigh Skinny Jeans from Topshop (see review here); it has been the most viewed blog post on my blog since it was published in May. In fact it’s one of the first results that pops up when you type in Leigh jeans review in Google, which is fantastic.

Best Events Of 2013
2013 was such an enjoyable year, I went to so many events; fashion events and amongst others. I particularly enjoyed going to London Fashion Weekend with my sister earlier in the year, it was my first time and I can definitely say I will be attending the next one. I managed to pick up a few bargain and got some great fashion tips.

Aside from fashion I love football being a big fan of Manchester United. I went to watch the Real Madrid vs. Man Utd legend game in early June, though we lost I can honestly say I had a great time watching still very talented players like Scholes, Yorke, Cole and Figo kicking the ball around.

I also went to a couple of concerts; watching the gifted Bruno Mars in London’s o2 and watching So Solid last ever concert in London’s Indigo2.

New Year Resolution
I don’t really make New Year resolutions because I never really stick to them, I usually forget about them after a couple of weeks. I think the only one I have stuck to I made a few years ago to join the gym and I’ve been going ever since. This year I’ve decided to keep them mainly Fashion and blog related; Wear more colours (I have a habit of including black in every outfit I wear) and worry less about what people think about what I’m wearing.  The later shouldn’t be a problem, but let’s see how long the former lasts. 


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