Thursday 26 December 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dorothy Perkins Patent Heeled Chelsea Boots

A little while back I bought some fantastic black leather Chelsea boots from Topshop (here they are) and ever since I've fallen in love with all the different types available on the high street. I recently visited my local Dorothy Perkins and found this fab pair, I just had to get them... they were very different from the pair I got from Topshop, a little more dressy and much more sexier.

These boots are the grown up sexy type of Chelsea boots. When worn they scream look at me and that's all thanks to the nice chunky heel in combination with the sexy black patent material. I think the boots look better with a skirt and tights and also with leggings as oppose to with trousers, because they stands out much more. As you may have seen in one of my recent posts ('Brighten Up A Dull Winters Day: Orange Coat', read here) I wore these boots with a faux leather skater skirt and a bright orange woollen coat, If I may say so myself I think it all went pretty well together.
Though I prefer to wear the boots with leggings or a skirt, as they're so stylish they work with pretty much anything... they look lovely with skinny jeans. I'm actually quite curious as to how it would look with a leather pencil skirt, I suspect quite fierce.

In terms of sizing I think these boots are a little on the big size. I'm a UK4.5 (EU37.5) and got these boots in a 4, as when I tried on the size 5 they were massive, not even extra thick socks could make them fit nice and snug, so I opted for the size down, which fit perfectly. So as you may have guessed my advice is to visit the store if you're considering purchasing the boots or if you're unable to do so and you're in between sizes go for the smaller size. What I tend to find with a lot of pointed shoes on the high street is they come up a little big, which is why I'm a little reluctant to order them online. Just the mere trouble of having to wait for them to be delivered, then they turn up and are too big and then having to go to the post office or the actual store to return them is enough to put me off.
With regards to comfort, the boots are fairly comfortable but could do with some improvements. I find that the front of the boots are a little hard, it would have been nice if there was a little more cushioning there, as after long wears the balls of your feet start to hurt. One solution is to perhaps get cushion insoles or just refrain from wearing them from long periods of time, they're definitely not boots to go shopping in.. something I learnt the hard way.

The heel is not too high, so they style of the boot can be worn both casually and dressed up. In fact I think it is the perfect height for all types of wear. Petite ladies will love these boots, I know I do, because whilst the heel gives us a few more inches, unlike knee length boots it doesn't make us look tiny by shortening our legs.

As with most if not all Chelsea boots, these boots are elasticated which means ladies of all sizes can wear them. There is no ankle/calf to big for these boots. The elasticated material allows the width of the boot to stretch to the size of your ankle, so fear not voluptuous ladies these boots are great for you too.

The only thing I don't like about these boots is the look of the heel, not the shape nor the height but the layered look it's got going on. It's always been a thing to put me off buying footwear, I find that it often (but not always) makes footwear look somewhat cheap. However, I loved these boots so much I was willing to turn a blind eye to the very small 'issue'  I had with it.

Hey if you like these boots, why not visit your local Dorothy Perkins store or go online (here) to get your hands on a pair... now in the sale at £30 (was £45) trust me you won't regret it.


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