Sunday 4 February 2018

Smart Casual

"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you."
- Ralph Lauren

Before I go into the details of my outfit... which I will, I thought I'd stick to my word and as promised on my Instagram post, and allow my readers/followers getting to know me. I'm quite a reserved person on social media, I only really feature things to do with my outfits and that's it. So I thought with it being a new year, I'd make a change and open up a little. So here are ten interesting facts about 

  • Fashion is my third love, after food and football. I've supported Manchester United since the age of nine, when my eldest brother brought me a Manchester United duvet cover and scarf, for my birthday. I love watching English Premier League football, even if it's not my team. I find it particularly enjoyable when I'm munching on snacks (see fact #10).
  • Though I was born and raised in London, I have Nigerian blood running through my veins. People often find it difficult to guess where I come from, apparently I don't have typical Nigerian features... whatever that means. But yes, I'm Nigerian. My patents were both born in River State and came to London the they were relatively young.
  • I have a footwear addiction. I know that I own 12 pairs of trainers (sneakers, to you non-Brits), of which I only wear two. I don't know how may pairs of shoes I own, and to be honest, I find it quite annoying when people ask. I have better things to do with my time than count how many pairs of shoes I own.

  • When I was young I couldn't decide what I wanted to be when I was older, it was a tough choice between a Fashion Designer and a Lawyer. I studied Art Textiles for GCSE in Secondary School and done quite well, achieving an A (of course my parent being Nigerian wanted an A*). However, I went down the law route in university where I studied a combined degree; International Relations with Law. My hard work paid off and I achieved a respectable 2:1. Surprisingly I opted for a different career path altogether, and since graduating many years ago have worked in Financial Regulation (it of course has legal elements to it). 
  • As I didn't pursue a career in Fashion, but have always had  love for it, after being convinced by a friend in college (thanks Chantel) I decided to run my own fashion blog. Its been hard work balancing work, social and love life with the blog... but luckily I have a very supportive network of people around me. 
  • I love to travel. Believe it or not I didn't start travelling until my late teens. My favourite destinations are those with hot weather and beautiful beaches; Miami has to be one of my favourite spots. I loved the buzzing night life, delicious food and chilled beaches. Jamaica was magical,  the food was the best I've ever had, the people are so friendly and there's plenty to see and do. The most relaxing holiday I've been on was to Cape Verde, the island of Sal. The untouched treasure has beautiful beaches and some of the kindest people you'll ever meet.

  • I'm only 5'3"! The worst height to be for a woman is 5'3"... as you are often too tall for petite clothes and too short for normal for clothes. When I'm shopping in store, I often have to try things on to make sure they fit properly, before buying. Online shopping is a nightmare, as I always end up visiting my local Post Office to return my purchases, as they never fit quite right, especially trousers.
  • Although I've been natural for a few years now and my afro is quite big, much to my mums annoyance I love wearing wigs. It allows me to change things up, one week my hair is purple, another blue and when I'm fed up of the colour I go back to black, but experiment with textures. I don't actually remember the last time I featured my real hair on the blog, but I will do soon, just to make my mum happy... as she prefers my real hair. 
  • I use to be queen raver. I loved going out with the girls and shaking a leg to the latest R'n'B, Bashment and Old Skool Garage tunes. Now I prefer quiet nights in with the Mr (we have a shared love of Afrobeats, so occasionally dance around being silly), dinners and brunches with my favourite ladies and frequent trips to the cinema with other buddies, to watch the latest blockbusters.
  • I'm addicted to McDonald's fries (with Sweet Curry being my sauce of choice), KFC Zinger Tower Burger and Tesco's Blueberry Juice. When I' not stuffing my face with rubbish, I quite enjoy Sushi, which I convinced myself until only last year I did not like, despite never having tried it previously. 

So there you go... a little about me. Now... back to the clothes. 

I'd long been admiring the track pants trend, but never got round to featuring a look, until now. Many know that I am a sucker for yellow, as it is my favourite colour, so when I spotted these track pants in my local Missguided store, I simply couldn't resist. I decided to go fora smart casual look, pairing the trousers with a black blazer from Pretty Little Thing, a black v-neck t-shirt from Zara and black pointed court puts from H&M. I finished off the look with Yellow over-sized sunglasses and my staple Michael Kors black handbag. 

Shop My Look
T-shirt - Zara
Track Pants - Missguided (sold out, similar here)
Shoes - H&M (old)
Sunglasses - eBay

Photography - MishMash Photography (@mishmash_photography)


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