Thursday 27 April 2017

Floral Candy

'I really need new clothes.'
- Me, every morning.

Yep, the quote above is most definitely me every morning when I'm getting ready for work. I have so much clothes, but they never seems enough. In fact I often get people asking me where I put all my clothes and shoes, I really don't know, somehow they manage to fit in my wardrobe. If they're not there, they're in my never empty laundry basket. 

My addiction to shopping (both in store and online - damn you ASOS) has gotten so out of control, that I've been set with what seems like an almost impossible challenge; a shopping ban!!! Only a few days remain until I start my three month shopping ban. Yes, no shopping for three entire months. Initially it was two, but then I was encouraged to go for three instead. So from 1 May until 31 July, I won't be able to buy any clothes, shoes, accessories or bags... yep, that even includes my beloved costume jewellery (luckily I'm allowed to buy cosmetics and toiletries...phew!). 

Luckily I have so many relatively new things that I haven't yet featured on the blog. Hopefully I'll be able to mix and match the old and new, continuing to provide you with outfit inspirations over the next three loooong months. For the old items that are no longer available, I'll be sure to provide you with links to things that are similar. 

I've just purchased a new Macbook, which was quite pricey, so the three months of no shopping will cover that and more (I'm thinking additional money in my savings account and money towards my upcoming holiday). Plus I've got a few styling projects (amongst other things) in the month of May that'll feature on the blog, so hopefully you'll get some inspiration from that too.

To get into the swing of things, I decided to feature an old item that was gathering dust in my wardrobe, this amazing pink skirt that I purchased from Zara quite a few years ago. I featured it with a recent purchase, this yellow and pink floral print bodysuit from Zara's current collection. I finished off the look with perspex heels and a white clutch bag (another oldie... hmm, you're going to have to get use to this, sorry).

Bodysuit - Zara     Skirt - Zara     Shoes - Public Desire     Bag - Zara

Photography - E. Daniel


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