Sunday 31 July 2016

Looking Back: July 2016

I had such a fun time in July; shooting outfits with such a wide range of colours and textures. I tried to incorporate all of my favourite colours and combinations into my looks, from monochrome to full on red... I didn't hold back. In fact if I had more time I would have definitely included a little green and purple in there, hey, maybe next time. 

As July tends to be a warm period I was able to experiment with a variety of lengths and materials, and luckily the lack of rain meant that I could wear some amazing heeled sandals, showing off my pretty matching manicures and pedicures. 

I'm looking forward to August, which is usually the warmest month of the year in the UK. I'm hoping to bring you more in the way of variety of colour and unusual style, I've definitely got some jaw dropping outfits up my sleeve and some stunning pieces that will blow your mind. I think the best is certainly to come and you'll be pleasantly surprised.


'Lady in Red'

'70's Boho'

'Shades of Blue'

'Blushing Rose'

'Tan Lines'

'Sexy Monochrome'

'Denim & Camel'

Photography ;
E. Daniel
C. Noir


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