Monday 16 June 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Zara Gold Heeled Sandals

I'm always having a look on the Zara website for my next purchase, it's one of my favourite stores. On a recent shopping trip I spotted these gold sandals (in the Bond Street store), they looked comfortable, trendy and versatile. As with most of my purchases, I bought them knowing that they'd go with a whole heap of things in my wardrobe. It's been a little while now and I've finally worn them out for an entire day, so as customary, here's my review of the gold heeled sandals from Zara.

The high shine gold of the sandal in addition to the wooden base and sole, make these perfect for both casual and occasional wear - though I myself prefer to wear them more casually. They look great with both trousers and skirt, whilst adding the perfect tough to a pair of shorts. I love wearing them with my dark blue skinny jeans and cream top, the gold really stands out amongst these colours.

Zara shoes tend to be true to size, I think only once before I've ever had to go down a size and that was a few years back when I bought a pair of suede over the knee boots. These shoes are true to size, so fear not, when they finally appear on the website order your normal size and take comfort in the fact that they'll actually fit. If you're a half size, I'd suggest going for the size up - seeing toes or the heel of a foot hanging over the body of a sandal makes me cringe and having just a little extra space can prove to be beneficial in the hot summer heat.

The front strap of the sandal is neither narrow or wide in width, I'd say it's pretty much regular. So if you have narrow feet you may wish to try them on before buying, though a little bit of space shouldn't effect the comfort or allow your feet to slip forwards in the shoe - as there is a ankle strap to help avoid this. If however you have wide feet, I definitely recommend trying on the sandals first  - as the strap may rub against your feet potentially causing marks or even blisters.

As previously mentioned, the sandal has a ankle strap which is pretty thin in thickness. It has 5 holes, so can be adjusted to fit around your ankle comfortably. Though I have relatively small ankles I prefer to keep the strap quite loose to avoid marks that come with wearing tight ankle straps.

The chunky wooden-effect heel (roughly 2.5") is the perfect height for casual wear, not flat and just enough to give you a little height. I've been able to wear these for an entire day, walking around non stop and it was just as comfortable as wearing ordinary flat sandals. Due to the metallic material used the sandals are easy to keep clean. Just give them  a wipe with a damp cloth and bobs your uncle, back to looking brand new.

The sandals (as at 14 June 2014) aren't currently available online in the United Kingdom, however you can get them in store - I bought mine from the store near Bond Street station (London) and have since spotted them in the Oxford Street store. They're well worth the £29.99!

Other available colour

Not ideal for wide feet


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