Tuesday 23 April 2013

Introducing Reetah

My name is Rita (aka Reetah), I'm 27 years old and from South London. I'm a shopaholic and always have my head buried in the latest copy of Look magazine, in fact I can’t remember the last time I failed to purchase a copy, time to get a subscription I think. Anyway, like I said I'm a self-confessed shopaholic, always traipsing around Westfield and Oxford Street looking for that next buy that at the time I say to myself I can’t live without.

 I constantly upload images of my never ending shoe collection on to my personal Facebook page and on one occasion a friend advised me to make my own fashion blog, hesitant at the time due to my busy schedule I put off the idea but then was advised by another friend to make time. And here I am today… my first blog entry, and I'm start by introducing myself.

I've always been quite creative and love to experiment with my outfits. Some days I look tom boy-ish other days I look very feminine; one things for sure I like to make heads turn. Yes I admit it I like to turn heads, I like wearing outfits people have to look twice at, whether they love it or hate it. I have no regard for the weather, if I want to wear a mini skirt bare legged in the midst of winter  I will, as long as I look good and feel good I'm going to wear whatever I want.

My favourite shops at the moment have to be Zara, Topshop and Forever21. They always incorporate the latest trends in their stock, season after season. Whilst I find Zara’s goods of very high quality and very elegant, Topshop is my go to for quirky and funky attire. Forever21 never seems to disappoint; I always find  great bargains there and all their stuff is definitely good value for money.  However, when I'm feeling lazy after a long week at work I prefer to relax in bed diet coke to hand and surf the net checking out the newest items to hit ASOS, Missgudided and Boohoo.com.

I have to say I’m definitely more of a high street experimenter than a designer lover and this is due to the affordability of high street clothes and shoes. Don’t get me wrong, designers are the leaders in the fashion industry high street stores are constantly imitating their designs, but when you’re always experimenting and changing your wardrobe like I do high street items are much friendlier on the bank balance than designer items. However, I do have a few favourite designers; I quite like the simplicity and clean cut of Victoria Beckham’s collections, the jaw dropping amazingly beautiful D&G collections and finally the versatility of Stella McCartney’s  collections, just to name a few.

As I'm always shopping or filling my head with the latest fashion news and as advised by a few friends, I've not only started a blog I've created a website (www.reetah.co.uk) which is basically my fashion diary. It’ll contain pictures of my outfits, fab finds, my latest footwear love, latest trends and much more. I hope you get a chance to check it out; you've already spent about 5 minutes reading this blog, so I'm sure another five won’t hurt.


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